A Rye Drink for Summer

Summer has come to Seattle. Well at least the sun has (I hear the heat is on its way). Summers make me yearn for long drinks fizzing over ice, rum and tequila cocktails loaded with citrus and muddling and seasonal fruit, and, of course, tiki drinks: complex flavors, crushed ice and funky glasses. Unfortunately, that usually means rye moves to the back of the liquor cabinet until the fall. And that is a shame. People who know me know that I love rye. As soon as I enter my favorite watering hole, the bartender starts to hover near the whiskies. If there is a new rye cocktail on the menu, I will have to try it. Rye is my go-to drink. But during the summer everything changes. That is, until I read about this drink, the McCrory, on the esquire drinks database.


1 oz rye
1 dash Angostura bitters
1/4 tsp superfine sugar (or 1/4 tsp syrup)
club soda

Build in a Collins glass full of ice. Stir, and fill up to taste with club soda.

This drink is refreshing and highlights the spiciness of the rye. The club soda lengthens the drink and gives it a little carbonated zip and the bitters really flush out the depth. Though I know that the sugar is usually added last to reinvigorate the fizz, I decided to substitute it with some homemade hops syrup instead for a little herbal note. The bittersweet syrup is faint but there both on the nose and in the drink itself. I would definitely suggest playing around with homemade herbal syrups in this drink. There is room to be playful without worrying about overpowering the other elements of the drink—I am thinking of using a tarragon syrup next time. All in all I am excited to have a new rye drink for the summer that is perfect for watching the game or sipping by the barbecue.

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