Fin de Siècle Cocktail

This Memorial Day weekend was very wet. It seems to be like this every year. The rain drizzles down the windows, the clouds make a fortress against the sun, and a slight breeze whistles past the windows--just enough to bring goose bumps to your arms. With weather like this, Tracy and I curl up under a blanket and put in a movie. This is some riveting spring weather! Seattle is famous for having cold and wet Memorial Day weekends. The city empties as its residents flock to other locales in the hope of finding that faint glimmer of summer that is still months away. With our cats nearby, three red Netflix envelopes newly arrived in the mail, and blankets at the ready, we fortified ourselves with this classic cocktail from the 1920s, the Fin de Siècle.

Fin de Siècle Cocktail

1 1/2 ounces English dry gin (Martin Miller's*)
3/4 ounce sweet vermouth (Punt e mes)
1/4 amer Boudreau
1 dash orange bitters (Regan's)

Stir in an ice-filled mixing glass
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass

The aroma is full of orange notes and cucumber, provided by the Martin Miller's. Hints of juniper and clove round out the nose, though the sharp bitterness of the amer is also detectable. The flavor of bitter oranges and Martin Miller's inherent spiciness dominate the flavor profile. The finish, though, is full of the herbal complexity of the amer and the very different spiciness of the punt e mes. The faintest taste of cucumbers lingers after every sip. This is one hearty, full-bodied drink. It is dry with a hint of bitterness, and the spiciness of the punt e mes works well with the robust flavors of the gin, particularly the black pepper and cloves. I think that the boldness of the Miller's works especially well in this drink, as its strong flavors play well with the amer, bringing its a rich caramel flavors, and both are tempered, and enhanced, by the interplay of the punt e mes.

*Stevi Deter of Two at Most had the great idea of using Miller's gin in this cocktail, and what a great idea it was. My palate says thanks for the info.